Bestech Electronic factories are armed with high-speed software processing Gerbers, advanced high-tecnological production equipement, and classic precision inspection/testing devices.The company adheres to the business principle of "technology for development and quality for existence", and provides customers with quality products and considerate service based on its years of experience in R&D, procuction and management, great technical strength and the mature quality management system. All company’s assets are invested into top-class production technology, production lines, improving workplaces and reducing ecological burden.
Bestech Electronic HK Co., Ltd. , founded in 2008, is a young and prospectively expanding company on the market with electronics for providing Chinese PCBs and PCB solutions. Due to the professional experience of company founders we have built great domestic and foreign business connections. The 3rd place in DHL and other international forwarder for logistics with economic export price competition proves this dynamic progress.
Bestech Electronic is aiming to be one of your Best Partners in China for PCB solutions! And we are sincerely looking for more partners worldwide to be our agent to well service our customers worldwide!

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